Currently funproject is what it is thanks to:

Isaac Carné / Director / Video / Fun Actions


Georgie Mattingley / Co-director / Video / Fun Actions


Annemarie Duff / Producer / Music


Àlex Dalmau / Graphic designer / Art Direction / Graphic Design

http://www.alexdalmau.com //    alex@funproject.org

Raúl Díaz / Programmer / Web Development

http://rauldiazpoblete.com //    raul@funproject.org

Gabriel CasanovaMotion Graphics / Freelance Motion Designer


James Adams / Composition / Musical Project Leader / Cross Art – Cultural Collaborator


Azucena Barrero / Graphic Designer / Newsletter design / Newsletter contest

http://zuritamandado.com // info@zuritamandado.com


Eugènia Vázquez / Translator / Text Editing and Translation / eugeniavazquez@terra.es

Henrique Cabral / Text Editing and Translation

Iskra Tsonzarova / Text Editing and Translation


Livia Perini / Filmmaker

Enjoying Minhocão project / Find more on Vimeo

James Adams / Orchestrate musical projects / wezzlee@hotmail.com

Mariachimona choir workshop project

Gabriel Casanova / Creativity and Audiovisual Design

Music for Climate project / www.gabrielcasanova.net

Stephen Charlton / Journalist

Live Music @ Melbourne project

The Film Artist / Filmmaker

Laughter is the Best Medicine project / Find more on Vimeo

Kiko / Video editor

Edward Theatre project / GKGRock.com

Miguel Crespo / Graphic Designer

Breaking Bombay identity / tirandoadar.com

Andre Matos Cardoso / Filmmaker

StartupNation series / AndreMatos


Everyone collaborating with Funproject becomes a member :)
The members of Funproject offer their work selflessly.

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