What do Indians know about Spain?

20/03/2012 - Fun Team
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Often the best adventures begin with the unexpected. That’s how the story of these two travelers and reporters can be described. They began tracking the world after winning a competition of over 400 contestants. It was 2010 and they enjoyed 6 months of travel and many countries conducting various reports.

Of course, an such an adventure leaves it mark… and how? After a couple of years they decided to start over, this time with sineñe – their own video-blogging project – which literally means “without ‘ñ’ “, that character that Spanish speakers miss on foreign keyboards.

Meritxell Martorell, the face and half of sineñe, journalist and passionate traveler from Barcelona, writes to us from India, bringing us the first mission published on funproject: ¿Qué saben los Indios sobre España? (What do the Indians know about Spain?) An entertaining report exploring the vast knowledge of the average Indian about Spanish facts: politicians, members of the Royal family, and the most ‘caní’ of the characters (caní would mean the opposite of posh). But beyond this, she gives us a glimpse of a unique idiosyncrasy of greatly diverse people, but with such strong common features.

Funproject will follow this fun couple, publishing the best of the their fun adventures. For now, their plan is that there is no plan, just wander around (India, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, NZ,..), trying to avoid the tourist cliché, growing sineñe and above all: having fun!. And you know how we love that!

We’ll have more stories like today’s soon, walking the streets of Mumbai with a very serious research purpose, and being treated like “real Bollywood celebrities, getting pictures with passer-bys who thought of us as reporters from the indian TV”. Because in India, “they always receive you with a smile and are interested about your life and culture. Unfortunately, something increasingly uncommon in Spain or Europe”, tells Meritxell.

So let it be, let’s take a deep breath, give a couple of ommm’s and let’s share more, because we need it. Like in their story. Welcome!



- Sineñe

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