06/12/2011 - Fun Team

Mariano Rinaldi, an Argentinian settled in Berlin, together with his German partner Jürgen Stumpf and Frenchman Philippe Gross, almost casually opened a very special place. You enter, pay a only a little fee of 2€ and sit comfortably chatting, while you can try as many wines as you wish. In the end, you pay what your conscience and palate dictates.

Weinerei is how they named it. And it’s not a restaurant, as he says, nor a bar. It’s more like a meeting place, a living room, Mariano’s living room, where he invites everyone to come along and feel at home.

Jürgen’s family are winemakers from Franken, Bavaria, in the south of Germany. Mariano and his partners buy all their produce, which sounds like a great business both ways. Moreover, Mariano, a multilayered artist (painter, performer, singer), designes the labels for the wines, and is much entertained on his annual visits to the south, where “you can find great wines that not many people know of, even from Germany”.

Nowadays Weinerei is divided between Forum and Perlin (the pearl of Berlin), both in a corner of the historical Berlin-Mitte. They serve a wide range of German wines and spirits, a great opportunity to dig into an often unknown wine culture. A very relaxed and familiar atmosphere will make your time elapse forever. And despite their modesty, a very tasty food will help you re-fill your hunger for more chat and wine tasting.

You can find more about Weinerei on their website. Also, check out some of Mariano’s art work.

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