22/10/2010 - Isaac

Marcus picks some Sundays and a busy place to set up his project tools. Everything is on his bike: camera, chairs, banners, stickers, the hat, a big smile and also the printer!

¿What is unlikeness?

It’s a collaborative project aiming to discuss topics as “choice and ownership, taking and giving, power and value“.

What makes us reject our own image? “How come that the person/object ‘captured’ in the image either has no rights or pays handsomely to re-gain partial ownership of the created likeness?”

¿How it works?

“From a simple agreement prior to recording the photograph: YOU like it – YOU keep it; YOU don’t – I do, Marcus emerge portraits with destinies predicated by the relationship between photographer, sitter and self-image”.

If you are in London and you are lucky enough to find him, don’t miss the chance and get involved. It’s interesting, fun and free! Luckily, we didn’t have to wait long, but some days people waits up to 30 minutes for their portrait!


To read more, check the like/don’t like stats, or to know the whereabouts of next Marcus unlikeness days, check out his website or become his facebook fan.

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