The Joy of a Dog Trainer

29/09/2014 - Fun Team

Michelle is not your everyday dog trainer. With years of practice in dog psychology, she has learned that discipline and authority are two of the key elements to maintaining a happy and balanced dog.

Leaving her office job as an engineer to pursue her dream, Michelle’s love for animals has transformed her entire life. Her purpose: to educate dog owners how to communicate with and better understand their pets, working to reduce the number of dogs and cats that are abandoned every year by owners unable to properly care for them.

“Dogs are guided by energy and instincts”, says Michelle. Unlike humans, who are guided by emotions and rational thinking. And this is an essential difference that needs to be understood. But the lack of this basic knowledge is the main cause of problems that owners face with their dogs today.

Michelle is effectively capable of changing a dog’s behaviour in roughly 5 minutes with the animal. But the effort and discipline required to continually assert yourself with your dog is nothing that Michelle can replace. This is why more than anything, when a new client comes through her door, Michelle knows that the work will be mainly to gently educate the owner, not the dog.

For more information and to contact Michelle you can visit her website.



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