The African Cartel

19/05/2011 - Fun Team

The African Cartel is an initiative to promote talented artists from Southern Africa who sell their paintings at the traffic lights: the Robot Artists. These guys are young talented artists who migrated from their countries looking for a better future. And now they risk detention by selling their art at the traffic junctions of Cape Town, South Africa. They show an incredible talent by combining different mediums and using a wide array of recycled materials.

The guys from African Cartel shot the documentary “The Robot Artists”, and after receiving much support from a short film festival screening, they decided to create the online platform. The aim of the website is to “generate a sustainable business and platform which can be used to help artists to reach a greater market and more sustainable livelihood”.

You can contact the artists through the site, buy their art and donate in order to help the project with their upcoming ideas; set up a creative workspace for artists so they can work, or collaborate to establish a creative environment.

You can browse their web or become a fan on facebook.

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