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Breaking Bombay: Priya (Part 5)

13/05/2014 - Fun Team
priya thumb

If Mumbai is the New York of India, Bandra would be New York’s Williamsburg. Trendy and cosmopolitan, Bandra has become the place to be if you are young and alternative, where the cool stuff… more info


Breaking Bombay: Rappers (Part 4)

30/04/2014 - Fun Team
rappers thumb

Rappers are our contemporary minstrels. Through their rhymes and music they express the struggles and injustices of this time. Rappers are modern poets fighting in an unbalanced battle to demolish the harmful structures of… more info


Breaking Bombay: Akash (Part 3)

17/04/2014 - Fun Team
Akash thumb

Akash was born and lives in Dharavi, one of the world’s biggest slums located in the middle of Mumbai. Akash is also the founder of several local organisations like Slumgods, and more recently Slumgods… more info


Breaking Bombay: Girls (Part 2)

05/04/2014 - Fun Team
Girls thumb with title

In episode 2, B-Girl Musick talks about what it’s like to dance for one of the best break dancing crews in India, ‘Freak N Stylz’. And graffiti artist Apna paints a mural in Bandra’s… more info


Chanting Meditation

16/07/2013 - Fun Team
Gokula thumb4

How many have experienced the following: you enter a bar and suddenly you can feel people’s eyes gazing over you. Many, most likely -although you probably will never know that some sort of judgement… more info


Inca Roads

24/01/2013 - Fun Team
inca roads thumbnail

The Inca was Sovereign King of an old civilisation that was believed to be free of thieves and immoral people. If you were at the Inca Roads Music Festival you could say that the… more info


<!–:en–>Acousters + Sanjosex<!–:–><!–:es–>Acousters + Sanjosex<!–:–><!–:ca–>Acousters + Sanjosex<!–:–>

16/02/2012 - Fun Team
sanjosex thumbnail

This is the outcome of the collaboration between Carles Sanjosé and friend-band Acousters, that took place last January. The musician Carles Sanjosé is the man behind the popular catalan band Sanjosex. Carles was happy to… more info


Live music

16/05/2011 - Collaborator
live music melbourne thumbnail

Text and video by Stephen Charlton from Melbourne Seeing live music is not the most trendy night out, nor the easiest way to make a profit for venues. Yet it is a cultural practice… more info


Music for Climate

13/03/2011 - Fun Team
veracruz thumbnail

Floods are part of the natural cycle of the seasons, however in “El monumento al Albañil”, a town from Veracruz in Mexico, the last floods left them without crops, houses and work and hit… more info