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Startup Nation – 99designs (Ep.02)

10/11/2014 - Fun Team
99designs Thumv3

99designs is an online marketplace where you can get quality graphic design done at an affordable price. Now in its fifth year running, 99designs employs about 100 employees in offices across cheap essay writing… more info


Startup Nation – WeTeachMe (Ep.01)

20/08/2014 - Fun Team

Startup Nation is funproject’s latest documentary series that takes a sneak peak into the emerging startup scene in Melbourne. The landscape of internet-focused companies has grown exponentially here in the last few years, so… more info


“Ecosia” the green search engine

15/10/2010 - Isaac
poster 2 - SPANISH - A1

What is Ecosia? At the end of 2009, Christian Kroll, a young 26 years old German, launched Ecosia, a search engine that affirms protecting 2 square meters of rainforest with every single search. But,… more info