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23/10/2014 - Isaac

We often tag other people by the way they look. Their clothes, their haircut, their car. We all have prejudices and preconceptions of what we don’t know but think we do. Tom’s ambition is… more info


The Joy of a Dog Trainer

29/09/2014 - Fun Team

Michelle is not your everyday dog trainer. With years of practice in dog psychology, she has learned that discipline and authority are two of the key elements to maintaining a happy and balanced dog…. more info


Chanting Meditation

16/07/2013 - Fun Team
Gokula thumb4

How many have experienced the following: you enter a bar and suddenly you can feel people’s eyes gazing over you. Many, most likely -although you probably will never know that some sort of judgement… more info


Proud Mary

18/02/2013 - Fun Team

If there is any drink that is typically ‘Melbourne’, it would surely be coffee. Melbournians are crazy about their coffee, to the point that some have become coffee fanatics and would travel few km… more info


Melbourne Trees

25/08/2012 - Fun Team
melbourne trees thumbnail

If Melbourne has been declared the most liveable city in the world for the second year in a row, surely this has something to do with its abundance of beautiful greenery and trees. where… more info


Live music

16/05/2011 - Collaborator
live music melbourne thumbnail

Text and video by Stephen Charlton from Melbourne Seeing live music is not the most trendy night out, nor the easiest way to make a profit for venues. Yet it is a cultural practice… more info


Iron Man & Iron Woman

06/02/2011 - Fun Team

The Iron Man and Iron Woman series is a showcase of Australia’s fastest and fittest surf life saving athletes as they battle it out in the surf. At Portsea in January 2011, the competitors… more info



04/01/2011 - Fun Team
didge thumbnail

On this project, Blake Noble tells us few of his thoughts about one of his passions: the didgeridoo. Why is it fun for you? Well, teaching is fun for me. Passing the knowledge and… more info