Startup Nation – WeTeachMe (Ep.01)

20/08/2014 - Fun Team

Startup Nation is funproject’s latest documentary series that takes a sneak peak into the emerging startup scene in Melbourne.

The landscape of internet-focused companies has grown exponentially here in the last few years, so we set out to hear from some of the creative entrepreneurs that are shaking up the current business landscape.

These companies are creating new and disruptive innovations by using the internet to change they way we learn, interact and do business with each other. The personalities behind them are young, passionate and determined to make their vision a reality. They are here to challenge the establishment and they are here to stay.

In episode one, we talk to WeTeachMe founders Kym Huynh and Demi Markogiannaki about their beginnings, challenges and their vision for a fast growing company that recently won The Big Pitch, along with up to $5M of investment funding.

WeTeachMe is an online marketplace to list, discover and book in-person courses. It offers course providers with an easy-to-use admin and booking process, which helps them save time while focusing on providing better courses.

Kym’s passion for education comes from his parents, who sought refuge in Australia after the Vietnam war at a time when intellectuals were seen as a threat to the regime and prosecuted. His parents taught him that education and knowledge are a privilege that can be never be taken away from you, and this idea is something that Kym wants to share with everyone.


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