Startup Nation – 99designs (Ep.02)

10/11/2014 - Fun Team

99designs is an online marketplace where you can get quality graphic design done at an affordable price.

Now in its fifth year running, 99designs employs about 100 employees in offices across cheap essay writing services Melbourne, San Francisco and Berlin.

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But it’s in Melbourne where their host of developers is based, and where all the features and day to day tasks of the platform are built and maintained. We went to meet a few of them in their warehouse office in Richmond to see what was all the buzz about.

What we like about 99designs is that epitomizes what the internet has done in many fields: it has democratized something previously available only to a few. While previously, only the big companies could afford good quality graphic design, 99designs makes this accessible to all. You can access a wide range of designers located around the world which will then compete to offer you the best design. At the end of the contest (typically 7 days), you choose your favourite design and pay the winner a set price. It’s like having a team of creative people working for you. And that is exactly what it is.

As Jason Sew Hoy, the COO, says “in a way, we compete against non-consumption, or the people that otherwise would’ve approached their niece, or designed the logo themselves”. This is the magic of the internet and connecting people. It opens new ways of doing things and new business opportunities come along.

Besides this, a very active community of designers is being build. They interact, share and learn from each other. And with a contest won, a business relationship starts with the client, which may lead to new work for the future out of the platform itself.



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