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27/08/2010 - Isaac

How did it all start?

We were laying on the grass, chilling, in assignment help the Gulhane park, by the temple of Santa Sofia in Istanbul, when I saw a flower, a big flower. I cut a piece of it, a small piece and offered it to Georgie. How nice, no? Well, that’s the flower she has on her head in some of the videos. This gesture immediately brought memories of her sister to her mind: years before, in the car, coming back from school, they were singing a song about revolution and flowers, from a cd her mother had offered to them.

Thinking about it, Georgie started missing her sister and she had the idea to make a video to send to her. And so we did it. Later, and after the success we had in the Gran Bazaar, we decided to make more videos during the remaining of our trip through Turkey, just for the fun of it. Truth is, that day had been  somewhat boring until than… but from that moment with the flower on, everything became more fun!

The best

To make a video in the Gran Bazaar of Istanbul, where we were applauded like real artists and everyone cheered for us.

The worst

A restaurant in a little village in the south, where Georgie sang next to the oven, that tried to charge us more for what we had ordered. They probably didn’t like our song much.


Making covers of songs is a phenomena that goes back to the beginning of the 20th century in the US, when the reduced publicity and artist promotion only allowed them to gain popularity at a local or regional level. Furthermore, buyers would ask the salesmen in the shops for the song and not for the music group in question. This way, music labels promoted  their own versions in their own commercial environment.and in many cases, covers of a music would become more popular than the original version

Nevertheless, with the arrival of Youtube, all changed. Here you have different versions of the same music as in the video:

Vídeo 1 – This girl, aside of  the four piercings and the punk-rock look, uses Youtube as her personal blog. Not that it is particularly interesting, but it makes use of new ways of communication.

Vídeo 2 – Perhaps it isn’t necessary to watch the whole video, but the comment that advises the girl to sing with her mouth and not with her nose seems a good one

Vídeo 3 – This young girl is specialized in making versions and even has her own fan club!

And of course, the original song:

I wish I was a punk rocker – Sandi Thom

The data

In 2010 Youtube celebrated it’s fifth aniversary.

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