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18/02/2013 - Fun Team

If there is any drink that is typically ‘Melbourne’, it would surely be coffee. Melbournians are crazy about their coffee, to the point that some have become coffee fanatics and would travel few km to get a decent brew.

A good coffee in Melbourne is not scalding hot. It’s creamy and can come black without milk: long black, short black, double shot, ristretto. Or with milk: skinny, regular, soy, latte, flat white, cappuccino, macchiato. Brew? It can be espresso, french press, cold drip, pour-over, syphon, stove top … and I am sure I still leave some on the bench.

Nolan is the founder of Proud Mary coffeeshop in Collingwood, Melbourne, and a coffee roasting enthusiast. Chatting to him is like attending science class – the science of coffee of course. He will fill your head with the fine details of growing, transporting, roasting and brewing that are required to make the perfect coffee.

Coffee is a science of detail. The quality of that final cup depends on many so many factors that close monitoring is essential. Moisture levels are critical, so much so that even seconds can make huge difference when roasting or brewing.

It’s because of understanding the importance of these details that Nolan travels to the source where the beans are grown. He regularly goes to Central America or South East Asia to meet the farmers and buy directly from them.

In cutting out the middleman, the grower and the client can understand each other better. And this, we believe, improves the lives of both parties: the grower, who makes a better quality product and receives higher margins; and the client, who learns more about the craft that provides them with the best cup of coffee.



Music by Parov Stelar, “If I Had You”.

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