Primavera Fun

05/09/2010 - Isaac

What is fun? How do we have fun?

Big questions are more easily answered with a blackboard, a music festival and all the energy coming with it. The purpose of this action is to find out what is fun for us and how we react before the unexpected question: What is fun for you?


The difference between the day and the night. Arriving at the festival, in the afternoon, calm but full of energy, ready to have fun. By night, hours behind, with the alcohol effects and more, the lack of inhibition.

And when it comes to the way of responding, there were those who write, draw or perform, and a minority who does not know what to answer. One truth: all of them are pushed to play the game.

Intelligible answers…

Spring; Beer, Can’t with life! the guy with blue hat, …from festival to festival; Festival, malika, wine, holidays, dance; Sun, shirt, Florence, ring, Sebastian; Wilco; Face Virus; Uhuu; Primavera Sound = do caralho; Fuck, spring; Dance; Yes to all!; We’ll leave the skin on the field; Explosion, I love you;; Pam pam americano; Something fun; FüN.


Pong (one of the first video games); Funny kid under the sun; penis; kid with balloon; Sponge Bob; Body with heart; face; X-Ray; joke: a snail goes and slides; hangman game: FüN.

Music from the video

Sparkle motion – Bigott.  Indie-folk band from Zaragoza (Spain) that performed in the festival. Totally fun!

Images recorded at the festival from: Wilco. If you still don’t know the band from Chicago, it’s time to!

Links – More that 150 bands in 3 days! Open and fun environment. – They appear in the video. It’s a forum (in spanish) dedicated to different topics, including music festivals.

Alone, we are nobody. Without you, Mireia, we would have never taken this action. Thanks for your charisma and passion for fun!

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