Primavera Fun

05/09/2010 - Isaac

What is fun? How do we have fun? Big questions are more easily answered with a blackboard, a music festival and all the energy coming with it. The purpose of this action is to… more info


<!–:en–>Punk Rock Girl<!–:–><!–:es–>Punk Rock Girl<!–:–><!–:ca–>Punk Rock Girl<!–:–>

27/08/2010 - Isaac

How did it all start? essay bank We were laying on the grass, chilling, in assignment help the Gulhane park, by the temple of Santa Sofia in Istanbul, when I saw a flower, a… more info


Capturing the tourists

22/08/2010 - Fun Team
Funproject Tourist Team

What is it all about? The funproject team goes out on the streets, with the purpose of transforming into protagonists the tourists, that are quietly visiting the Sagrada Familia. To do it, the avid… more info