<!–:en–>For the Love of Dance<!–:–><!–:es–>Por amor al baile<!–:–><!–:ca–>Passió per ballar<!–:–>

14/06/2011 - Fun Team
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Georgie met Razak when she was out Salsa dancing one night. She says she was feeling a bit awkward because she didn’t know how to dance the Salsa and couldn’t keep up. But then… more info


AxA sharing the world with you – Episode 1

06/06/2011 - Fun Team
AxA Episode 1

Welcome to the adventures of AxA around the world! From today on funproject will be following the adventures of a young Argentinian in Tokyo. We will discover all the treats of the japanese culture… more info


<!–:en–>Owl rescue<!–:–><!–:es–>Al rescate del búho<!–:–><!–:ca–>Salvant al mussol<!–:–>

30/05/2011 - Fun Team
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PAWS grew in a natural way. The founder Nilesh loves animals which is evident all around him. At home he adopted a blind cat who can get anywhere faster than you. He and his… more info


The African Cartel

19/05/2011 - Fun Team
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The African Cartel is an initiative to promote talented artists from Southern Africa who sell their paintings at the traffic lights: the Robot Artists. These guys are young talented artists who migrated from their… more info



16/05/2011 - Fun Team
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The Dabbawallas are a global paradigm for business efficiency. BBC has made documentaries, the best business schools have studied them and even prince Charles or Richard Branson from Virgin experienced a day with them in… more info


Live music

16/05/2011 - Collaborator
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Text and video by Stephen Charlton from Melbourne Seeing live music is not the most trendy night out, nor the easiest way to make a profit for venues. Yet it is a cultural practice… more info



01/05/2011 - Georgie
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City Ville is a game application on Facebook. You can build your own city, creating houses, shops, businesses, and eventually develop your own network full of friends and neighbours. You could say it’s a… more info


Buddha school

29/04/2011 - Fun Team
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As you cross the huge dry river-bed, you are told that around three thousand years ago Siddhartha Gautama, who later will become Buddha, took those same steps. Despite the fact that locals use this… more info



19/04/2011 - Fun Team
green thumbnail

Despite the many awards Green has received, including the two major Wildlife film prizes, Patrick remains an incredibly accessible and humble film maker. We met him in Kolkata, during the 2011 Wildscreen Film Festival… more info