What do Indians know about Spain?

20/03/2012 - Fun Team
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Often the best adventures begin with the unexpected. That’s how the story of these two travelers and reporters can be described. They began tracking the world after winning a competition of over 400 contestants…. more info


<!–:en–>Acousters + Sanjosex<!–:–><!–:es–>Acousters + Sanjosex<!–:–><!–:ca–>Acousters + Sanjosex<!–:–>

16/02/2012 - Fun Team
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This is the outcome of the collaboration between Carles Sanjosé and friend-band Acousters, that took place last January. The musician Carles Sanjosé is the man behind the popular catalan band Sanjosex. Carles was happy to… more info


Laughter is the best medicine

10/02/2012 - Fun Team
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Krishan Gopal is a successful businessman based in a small town in Uttar Pradesh, India. He practices Yoga and runs a laughter club before work every single morning and on the weekends. Mamta, his… more info



06/12/2011 - Fun Team

Mariano Rinaldi, an Argentinian settled in Berlin, together with his German partner Jürgen Stumpf and Frenchman Philippe Gross, almost casually opened a very special place. You enter, pay a only a little fee of 2€… more info



29/09/2011 - Fun Team

According to official statistics, the informal economy in India makes up 90% of the whole. If you have ever been to India, you know what we are talking about. And if you were lucky enough… more info



12/08/2011 - Fun Team
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Indian wrestling, or Kushti, as it is called in India, is an ancient form of fighting which originated in Persia. Wrestlers fight on the sand aiming to hold the opponent down against the floor…. more info


AxA – Episode 3 – Macao

16/07/2011 - Fun Team
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Hey, we’re almost sure you still thinking Las Vegas as the most important Casino-city in the world. Nonetheless, today we introduce you the world’s number 1: Welcome to Macao! Macau is one of the… more info


Demonic cookery: Headbangers Kitchen

24/06/2011 - Fun Team
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Heavy metal food? Demonic cookery? At first, this might sound like a cult show or some kind of dark magic instructions for casting spells. Then they tell you It’s about a heavy metal guy… more info


AxA – Episode 02 – Thailand

20/06/2011 - Fun Team
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In the second chapter of AxA, Andrés takes a break from the sometimes stressful Tokyo and spends a few days enjoying Thailand. Want to know what he came back with? In today’s show, we’ll… more info