Breaking Bombay: Girls (Part 2)

05/04/2014 - Fun Team
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In episode 2, B-Girl Musick talks about what it’s like to dance for one of the best break dancing crews in India, ‘Freak N Stylz’. And graffiti artist Apna paints a mural in Bandra’s… more info


Breaking Bombay: Ninja (Part 1)

31/03/2014 - Fun Team
Ninja part 1 thumb

Sumeet d Suvarna is a prominent figure of the Hip Hop scene of Mumbai, India. Better known as Bboy Ninja, he is one of the pioneers and promoters of Hip Hop in India. Coming… more info


<!–:en–>Bollywood Art Project (B.A.P.)<!–:–><!–:es–>Bollywood Art Project (B.A.P.)<!–:–><!–:ca–>Bollywood Art Project (B.A.P.)<!–:–>

29/11/2013 - Fun Team
BAP thumbnail

Ranjit Dahiya’s larger than life-sized paintings bring romantic memories of the past into the fast changing street culture of Mumbai. Inspired buy generic cialis 20mg by the 70′s style Bollywood posters, Dahiya’s murals are… more info


Chanting Meditation

16/07/2013 - Fun Team
Gokula thumb4

How many have experienced the following: you enter a bar and suddenly you can feel people’s eyes gazing over you. Many, most likely -although you probably will never know that some sort of judgement… more info


Proud Mary

18/02/2013 - Fun Team

If there is any drink that is typically ‘Melbourne’, it would surely be coffee. Melbournians are crazy about their coffee, to the point that some have become coffee fanatics and would travel few km… more info


Inca Roads

24/01/2013 - Fun Team
inca roads thumbnail

The Inca was Sovereign King of an old civilisation that was believed to be free of thieves and immoral people. If you were at the Inca Roads Music Festival you could say that the… more info


Melbourne Trees

25/08/2012 - Fun Team
melbourne trees thumbnail

If Melbourne has been declared the most liveable city in the world for the second year in a row, surely this has something to do with its abundance of beautiful greenery and trees. where… more info


Edward Theatre

31/05/2012 - Fun Team
edward theatre thumbnail

Lost in time and soaked from its leakages, the Edward theatre of Mumbai (India), stands as a remembrance of a landscape in decadence; a city of colonial architecture, walking neighbourhoods where cars are rare,… more info



07/05/2012 - Fun Team
thumnail sadhus

Stoners or Enlightened? That’s the question many travellers ask themselves when meeting the sadhus, the Indian ascetics known for their dreadlocks and saffron colour clothes. Certainly, such community smoke a lot. online cheap viagra… more info