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Indian wrestling, or Kushti, as it is called in India, is an ancient form of fighting which originated in Persia. Wrestlers fight on the sand aiming to hold the opponent down against the floor.

They show a great commitment, training up to six days per week, and are a bonded community, most of them living together in an ashram, where knowledge is shared and passed on to the younger generations.

Their goals are humble and simple; they share a common space with no luxuries, only focusing on training every afternoon, cultivating their bodies and strength. To achieve a dignified job is a fulfilment that can be achieved thanks to the benefits of the sport.

The Mahatma Fule Kusti Akhada in Mumbai is one of the few still existing in the economic capital of India. Their predominance diminished due to the upcoming of new sports and hobbies. However, international championships still take place between countries like Iran, Iran, Afganistan and India itself, which was considered one of the main wrestling nations of the world in the sixties.

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