Iron Man & Iron Woman

06/02/2011 - Fun Team

The Iron Man and Iron Woman series is a showcase of Australia’s fastest and fittest surf life saving athletes as they battle it out in the surf. At Portsea in January 2011, the competitors were challenged to race several times past the wave break – swimming, skiing and paddling – with an 800 meter sprint between each stint. However we noticed that what draws these competitors back into the grueling ocean each year, seems to go beyond the desire to win.

Iron Man Matt Poole, with his iconic pink get up; pink hair, pink swimsuit, pink zinc, pink towel, pink paddle board – is not just a fem-playboy. He is an ambassador for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. We liked his style! For more information click here.

Pushing their bodies to the extreme, not only has its health benefits – which keeps athletes in peak physical condition – but also keeps them in a positive frame of mind. Perhaps it is a combination of all the elements; the sun, the surf, the heat and the adrenaline, that make this sport so addictive and fun!

For more information on the Iron Man and Iron Woman series – including race times and schedules, click here.

Music on the video by King Size Co.

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