Inca Roads

24/01/2013 - Fun Team

The Inca was Sovereign King of an old civilisation that was believed to be free of thieves and immoral people. If you were at the Inca Roads Music Festival you could say that the same balanced society prevailed there.

It wasn’t that immoralities didn’t happen (we were blissfully unaware), but all appeared to be in such harmony that no one would ever notice.

The main difference between the actual Inca civilisation is that Inca Roads appears to be a growing phenomena, despite the existence of big music festivals that already cope with Melbourne’s summer. There are no Spanish conquerors on sight, ready to place locks on doors and bring suspicious looks along.

Inca Roads is a “let’s do it for fun” seed that has grown progressively because of the rain only. Purely from the care –and pockets- of Andre Hillas and Daniel Camilleri. Grass roots organic produce.

Inca Roads is a linking path for promising artists, music lovers, and chilled festival goers.

Let’s all sing and dance for the rain to fall. The roads need to be cleared so next year we all can find our way back through the roads of the Inca.


Special thanks to Animaux for letting us use their song ¨Paradise¨!


Inca Roads music festival


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