19/04/2011 - Fun Team

Despite the many awards Green has received, including the two major Wildlife film prizes, Patrick remains an incredibly accessible and humble film maker.

We met him in Kolkata, during the 2011 Wildscreen Film Festival organised by the British Council. He was giving a workshop to an audience of young students and film makers about how to make a film with few resources. We wanted to talk about his personal approach to making films, and  in doing so we discovered a bit more about this inspiring character.

Patrick decided to work with what he was most passionate about. He jumped into the void with no fear. We found his strong will and ideals as captivating as the imagery in his films. He is an upright person, with a strong set of ethics, although while listening to him you’ll notice his skepticism towards the results of what he does. However, his film ‘Green’ has still managed to put pressure on companies to change their policies on palm oil and related products like bio-diesel. And no doubt the film can provoke a deep and emotional response in each and every viewer: those who are truly responsible for what is happening in Indonesia.

In today’s world, Patrick’s way of achieving his goals: through non-commercial production, with limited funds, basic professional equipment and free distribution of his work on the internet – is a great example for anyone who has ever thought of acting upon their passions, but believed it impossible.

You could say he is an exponent of the fun attitude: engaging, fearless and inspiring. We are working towards a world full of fun – thanks to you Patrick : )

And of course, don’t miss Green, the film.

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