<!–:en–>For the Love of Dance<!–:–><!–:es–>Por amor al baile<!–:–><!–:ca–>Passió per ballar<!–:–>

14/06/2011 - Fun Team

Georgie met Razak when she was out Salsa dancing one night. She says she was feeling a bit awkward because she didn’t know how to dance the Salsa and couldn’t keep up. But then Razak asked her to dance. He threw her around on the floor with vigour and passion and she just danced like a limp rag doll, following his lead.

It wasn’t really Salsa that they were dancing. We don’t really know exactly what style it was – but let’s just call it ‘Razak Style’, because it is so unique; creative, free and fun.

Razak has been dancing in Mumbai for years, and he knows all the great secret dance hubs in the city. But he’s not just looking for any regular dance nightclub – he’s looking for a well-lit big open space, ideal for experimenting with some large new moves. The Catholic Gymkana in South Mumbai offers all this.

At first we have to say we were a little unsure. It seemed a bit wild to go into a space where they are trying to preserve more traditional and somewhat conservative styles of dance and bombard the dance floor with a bold and provocative style. Even earlier on in the night people were a bit more reserved and shocked. Some of them stood back and watched in amusement. But by the end of the night – they had all joined in. People dropped their guard, lost control and just danced for the love of dance.

So in the end, this is not a funproject just about dance, or just about Razak -  but perhaps it can also be about that moment of fearlessness that dance can facilitate. A moment when you are so free to move and express yourself, without any care of what you look like or what others are thinking. It’s an attitude that we can try to adopt in other areas of our life as well. Basically, what we are trying to say is: ‘Live life as if Razak would dance to a song.’ It’s about passion, vigour, fearlessness and above all: being creative and original.


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