“Ecosia” the green search engine

15/10/2010 - Isaac

What is Ecosia?

At the end of 2009, Christian Kroll, a young 26 years old German, launched Ecosia, a search engine that affirms protecting 2 square meters of rainforest with every single search. But, is this possible?

According to its creator, Ecosia it donates 80% of its advertisement benefits to World Wide Fund (WWF), for their rainforest protection programs in Brazil. So, every time an user clicks an ad, part of the final income is transferred to the NGO. The same organization, which powers the project, states that if only 1% of global Internet users access Ecosia for their Web searches, a rain forest area as big as Switzerland could be saved each year.

Furthermore, Ecosia:

- Helps to protect your privacy by deleting all user related data within 48 hours. They don’t analyze your searches, nor sell user information.

- Powers they servers using green energy.

- It’s an independent, non-profit website (powered by Bing and Yahoo, which provide their search results and sponsored links).

Is it true?

There’s also some debate about the method used to calculate the protected area of rainforest (you can read a more complete report on this topic here). Altough, the fact you can see the amount of rainforest “protected” just by searching it comes across more as a marketing tactic. However, the figures show their monthly transfers, as well as the total amount donated to WWF.

Fün values

So, however the accuracy of the surface of rainforest protected by user is questionable, from Funproject we support Ecosia for its ethics and principles, which whose we point out the following:

1. Promotes actively the protection of the rainforest.

2. Provides a greater transparency than the traditional search engines.

3. Provides a better user privacy protection.

4. And the best of all: it’s free.

We encourage you to try Ecosia and share your opinion with us, here or in our facebook page.

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