Doctor Fish

14/02/2011 - Fun Team

Garra rufa y Cyprinion macrostomus are the names of this thoothless fish. If we’d have to tell from Georgie’s face, they don’t look much kind to her (it’s because they are hungry of her death skin). Thankfully, after the first uncomfortable minutes, their strange passion for death skin becomes a nice and relaxing tickling…and you can enjoy the experience.

Before fish spa’s could be found in Malaysian shopping malls like this one, the ‘doctorfish’, as also known, were used as a treatment for psoriasis and skin diseases. His action, eating the death skin and letting grow the healthy one, gives an alleviation to the patient. Although their not intended for curation.

This specimens occurs mainly in the river basins of the Middle Eastern countries of Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. In Turkey, for instance, they live and breed in the spa’s where patients are treated. The aquarium species, like the ones on the video, are so voracious because they are left hungry. In treatment of diseases this could lead to unpredictable outcomes.

In US the fish spa’s were banned due to sanitary regulations that mandate tools to be discarded or sanitized after each use.

And you, are you keen?

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