04/01/2011 - Fun Team

On this project, Blake Noble tells us few of his thoughts about one of his passions: the didgeridoo.

Why is it fun for you?

Well, teaching is fun for me. Passing the knowledge and watching people react to the amazing world of didge is fantastic. Playing can be fun as it puts you into a meditative state, allowing you to clear your thoughts and connect with nature.

What was the role of the didgeridoo?

The role of the Australian Didgeridoo or ‘Yidaki’ was traditionally played only by men during ceremony or ‘Corroboree’. It was also used as a valuable teaching tool by the elders, imitating animals or to tell a story. The Didgeridoo features in the Aboriginal ’Dreamtime’ stories, teaching that it had a role in the creation of the world.

Why is didgeridoo important nowadays?

Didgeridoo, for me, is an important tool in these times of mass confusion in the world. Not only does it have valuable health benefits from regular playing, but as the didge gains popularity worldwide, one would hope that the world opens it’s eyes to the place and the people that it came from.

The Australian Aboriginals are said to be the oldest continuous culture on earth. To me, as the future of the world seems uncertain, it seems intelligent to learn and respect these old souls. Didgeridoo creates interest in the Aboriginal culture, which can only lead to good things, as it is the first culture of the world. It amazes me that the world does not recognize the original inhabitants of earth. I believe that one day, we will desperately need the knowledge and wisdom of the Aboriginals in order to survive – and we will be lucky to receive it as we have disrespected, degraded and raped their culture for far too long.

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