Demonic cookery: Headbangers Kitchen

24/06/2011 - Fun Team

Heavy metal food? Demonic cookery? At first, this might sound like a cult show or some kind of dark magic instructions for casting spells. Then they tell you It’s about a heavy metal guy who makes a cooking show. But wait a minute: were the heavy metal type of guys ever interested in the culinary art beyond decapitating bats on stage? Or, does the metal community have any interest in mid-afternoon tv cooking shows?

Then you better get to see a chapter on Youtube… and you get it. It’s the hook! You are in India, listening to metal and cooking beef burgers. Isn’t this a show of transgression? Some might even say it’s a sacred transgression, but hello, for those who still think India is only a place where everyone practices Yoga and become enlightened, we are happy to introduce you to the demonic kitchen. And just as India might not be as spiritual as you thought, Headbanger’s Kitchen is neither as demonic as it may look. Sahil Makhija, also known as Demonstealer, is a metal band leader, music producer, chef, the producer of the cooking show and above all, a young indian entrepreneur, who has brought it all in an original and engaging way.

As he says, “I am able to bring together my two passions for music and food”. Sahil cooks for his metal friends and stars, offering them the food he has prepared before in exchange of an interview. Featuring the most acknowledged indian and international metal bands, the show contributes to the growing passion for metal the subcontinent is experiencing, which begun quite a few years ago back in the nineties as an alternative of the ongoing “techno bullshit”, we can quote quote Sahil saying.

What will be the contribution of the show to the metal or the cuisine world is yet to be seen. So far, exceeding 5k views on some of their chapters on their Youtube channel, Headbanger’s Kitchen is rising a statement in the vast ocean of the net, perhaps showing metal fans that being a “heavy” is also compatible with spending time with your mum, learning in the kitchen, or that cooking isn’t only restricted to the women of the house.


Headbanger’s Kitchen – the show

Enter Guerrilla – the production company

Demonic Resurrection – the band

Demonstealer – the records label

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