01/05/2011 - Georgie

City Ville is a game application on Facebook. You can build your own city, creating houses, shops, businesses, and eventually develop your own network full of friends and neighbours.

You could say it’s a simple-minded game, only aimed at children and young teenagers, but in India, Pushpa and Vipin have become addicted and their enthusiasm for the City Ville dynamics are quite refreshing!

They have managed to take a lot from this game. City Ville, for them, has become a kind of metaphor for life. It’s about balance and building a positive space, which facilitates a healthy lifestyle.

Vipin also describes how it can be an educational game. In rural parts of India, children may not know what is required to build a well-functioning city. They fill their cities with cinemas, cake shops and mansion houses – but Vipin took his time to teach these children about the importance of other public facilities, like libraries, schools and parks.

And you, do you play CityVille?

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