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Startup Nation – Coinjar (Ep.03)

03/03/2015 - Isaac
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Can you imagine sending money overseas and only paying 1% in transaction fees? Instantly? No, it’s not a dream. It’s bitcoin. Have you ever used bitcoins? Probably not. In part, this is because of… more info


Startup Nation – 99designs (Ep.02)

10/11/2014 - Fun Team
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99designs is an online marketplace where you can get quality graphic design done at an affordable price. Now in its fifth year running, 99designs employs about 100 employees in offices across cheap essay writing… more info



23/10/2014 - Isaac

We often tag other people by the way they look. Their clothes, their haircut, their car. We all have prejudices and preconceptions of what we don’t know but think we do. Tom’s ambition is… more info


The Joy of a Dog Trainer

29/09/2014 - Fun Team

Michelle is not your everyday dog trainer. With years of practice in dog psychology, she has learned that discipline and authority are two of the key elements to maintaining a happy and balanced dog…. more info


Startup Nation – WeTeachMe (Ep.01)

20/08/2014 - Fun Team

Startup Nation is funproject’s latest documentary series that takes a sneak peak into the emerging startup scene in Melbourne. The landscape of internet-focused companies has grown exponentially here in the last few years, so… more info


Breaking Bombay: Bboys (Part 6)

13/06/2014 - Fun Team
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Bboys and Bgirls are the heart of the Hip-Hop scene in Mumbai. They are numerous, organised, and attract all the attention. Break dancing is a dance form, there’s no doubt about it. But in… more info


Breaking Bombay: Priya (Part 5)

13/05/2014 - Fun Team
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If Mumbai is the New York of India, Bandra would be New York’s Williamsburg. Trendy and cosmopolitan, Bandra has become the place to be if you are young and alternative, where the cool stuff… more info


Breaking Bombay: Rappers (Part 4)

30/04/2014 - Fun Team
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Rappers are our contemporary minstrels. Through their rhymes and music they express the struggles and injustices of this time. Rappers are modern poets fighting in an unbalanced battle to demolish the harmful structures of… more info


Breaking Bombay: Akash (Part 3)

17/04/2014 - Fun Team
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Akash was born and lives in Dharavi, one of the world’s biggest slums located in the middle of Mumbai. Akash is also the founder of several local organisations like Slumgods, and more recently Slumgods… more info