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07/05/2012 - Fun Team
thumnail sadhus

Stoners or Enlightened? That’s the question many travellers ask themselves when meeting the sadhus, the Indian ascetics known for their dreadlocks and saffron colour clothes. Certainly, such community smoke a lot. online cheap viagra… more info


What do Indians know about Spain?

20/03/2012 - Fun Team
que saben los indios thumnail

Often the best adventures begin with the unexpected. That’s how the story of these two travelers and reporters can be described. They began tracking the world after winning a competition of over 400 contestants…. more info


Laughter is the best medicine

10/02/2012 - Fun Team
laughter club thumbnail

Krishan Gopal is a successful businessman based in a small town in Uttar Pradesh, India. He practices Yoga and runs a laughter club before work every single morning and on the weekends. Mamta, his… more info


The African Cartel

19/05/2011 - Fun Team
robot artists thumbnail

The African Cartel is an initiative to promote talented artists from Southern Africa who sell their paintings at the traffic lights: the Robot Artists. These guys are young talented artists who migrated from their… more info


Music for Climate

13/03/2011 - Fun Team
veracruz thumbnail

Floods are part of the natural cycle of the seasons, however in “El monumento al Albañil”, a town from Veracruz in Mexico, the last floods left them without crops, houses and work and hit… more info


“Ecosia” the green search engine

15/10/2010 - Isaac
poster 2 - SPANISH - A1

What is Ecosia? At the end of 2009, Christian Kroll, a young 26 years old German, launched Ecosia, a search engine that affirms protecting 2 square meters of rainforest with every single search. But,… more info


Enjoying Minhocão

13/09/2010 - Fun Team

Minhocão is a fun name. The English translation would be “big earthworm”, and is also the name of a big avenue at downtown São Paulo in use since 1970. It is surrounded by buildings,… more info