Capturing the tourists

22/08/2010 - Fun Team

What is it all about?

The funproject team goes out on the streets, with the purpose of transforming into protagonists the tourists, that are quietly visiting the Sagrada Familia. To do it, the avid group launches itself on hunt for the unsuspecting tourists, photo camera in the hands and sandals and matching socks on their feet. Fostering empathy, smiling, surprising and provocative, the tourist-busters achieve their goal and still spend one really amusing afternoon!

Additional Information

Some information about tourism and different ways to travel:


Couchsurfing is a non-profitable organization that brings together the travelers with local people, that offer a “couch” at their place, free of charge. But couchsurfing is much more than that, it’s a life philosophy.It now has over 2 million registered surfers, throughout the entire world. Some 70% of all the users is younger than 29 years of  age, but there are couchsurfers as old as 80 years of age! Unarguably the best way to get to know the local culture from the first day and still save some cash in housing!

World Tourism Organization

With 1.600 million tourists expected for the year 2020, this UN agency aims at promoting the development of a responsible tourism, sustainable and universally accessible, paying special attention to developing countries.

It offers a great amount of information in relation to different aspects of tourism all around the world, such as research, statistics or a service of assistance to different fields related to tourism, like rural tourism, ecotourism, etc.

It’s worth taking a look at the Global Code of Ethics for tourism and the text over The Responsible Tourist.

Travel Wiki

Even though it is  far from being a complete guide, it’s still a useful website to find good advise complementary to the traditional guides. This site follows the same Wiki philosophy, where it is the collaboration of the users themselves that creates the content. Definitely the Wikipedia of travels!

If you have suggestions of further on-line resource or interesting document related with tourism, don’t hesitate in sharing them through:

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