Breaking Bombay: Rappers (Part 4)

30/04/2014 - Fun Team

Rappers are our contemporary minstrels. Through their rhymes and music they express the struggles and injustices of this time. Rappers are modern poets fighting in an unbalanced battle to demolish the harmful structures of society and tradition…

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with words.

Nonetheless, is in this episode where we find the most empowering discourse of the series so far. Because only when we are ready to confess our own struggles and discontents we are able to point in the right direction, signalling the way forward.

Viraj Manjrekar (MC ROGER), Lester Cardoz (Kav-E) and Tanmay Bahulekar (Microphon3) are all fighting for their dreams, but not just for their own, but for the ones of this world as well.

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