Breaking Bombay: Priya (Part 5)

13/05/2014 - Fun Team

If Mumbai is the New York of India, Bandra would be New York’s Williamsburg. Trendy and cosmopolitan, Bandra has become the place to be if you are young and alternative, where the cool stuff happens, from underground parties to co-working hubs and graffitied walls.

But as it happens, the open attitude of the residents towards new ideas and customs, is what also leads to its gentrification. Today, many of the oldest dwellers (and often the poorest) are being replaced in favour of the latest Bollywood superstars.

Priya and her family have lived in Bandra for generations. If you didn’t know that she lives in Mumbai, you could easily place her in Paris, London or New York, because as she says “my life is no different than the one someone is living in those places”. Which is probably true.

With all the benefits and consequences that her lifestyle brings, Priya’s story teaches us a thing or two about a section of contemporary Indian society. One that it is urban, cosmopolitan, and growing.

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