Breaking Bombay: Bboys (Part 6)

13/06/2014 - Fun Team

Bboys and Bgirls are the heart of the Hip-Hop scene in Mumbai. They are numerous, organised, and attract all the attention.

Break dancing is a dance form, there’s no doubt about it. But in a city that lacks sufficient public spaces to practice sport, the physicality of this dance form contributes most to its success.

Also, you don’t need much space to begin practicing; most of the new Bboys start in their own homes, watching Youtube videos while trying to mimic the hard-achieved moves they see.

They have seen a break dancing crew performing in their college or in a shopping mall and wanted to give it a try.

After that, those who can afford it jump to the local hall and enrol in a class. Most of the first break dancing crews offer lessons all over the city in exchange for a fee. Some of these crews have found a substantial revenue stream in these courses, which allows them not only to survive but to strive as well.

On the other hand, it’s not difficult to spot kids as young as nine practising in street corners anywhere in the city. Because to be a break dancer, the most important thing is not money or status but passion, commitment and practice. Lots of practice.

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