Breaking Bombay: Akash (Part 3)

17/04/2014 - Fun Team

Akash was born and lives in Dharavi, one of the world’s biggest slums located in the middle of Mumbai. Akash is also the founder of several local organisations like Slumgods, and more recently Slumgods Tours and Travel, which organises tours in Dharavi for tourists looking for a different perspective of the city and its people.

He got to know about Hip-hop in 2008 thanks to Tiny Drops, a community-based initiative that promoted various Hip-Hop disciplines to young kids in Dharavi. Akash was immediately hooked on break dancing, and he hasn’t stopped since.

Break dancing has boosted Akash’s confidence and notoriety in the neighbourhood and the break dancing scene. He uses the skills and profile he has earned over the years to break the misconceptions about Dharavi and promote the culture.

Home to hundreds of thousands of people, Dharavi faces many challenges today, one of them being the risk of disappearing due to urban development. Situated in a priceless location in the ever-growing city of Mumbai, Dharavi has attracted the attention of developers and city authorities for many years. Different plans for re-development involving the demolition and resettlement of their dwellers are currently under way.

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