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29/11/2013 - Fun Team

Ranjit Dahiya’s larger than life-sized paintings bring romantic memories of the past into the fast changing street culture of Mumbai. Inspired buy generic cialis 20mg by the 70′s style Bollywood posters, Dahiya’s murals are are a tribute to faces and moments in cinema that built ideals of “love” for an entire nation.

He doesn’t need much. A few old brushes, some rusty tins of paint and a shaky ladder. The street is his studio. And with only this, he transforms forgotten laneway walls into everlasting, sparkling gems.

This video follows Dahiya through a 3-day process to complete his painting of “Madhubala” – India’s favourite actress from the 50′s. It begins on Valentine’s Day, 2013 (also Madhubala’s birthday).

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