AxA sharing the world with you – Episode 1

06/06/2011 - Fun Team

Welcome to the adventures of AxA around the world! From today on funproject will be following the adventures of a young Argentinian in Tokyo. We will discover all the treats of the japanese culture – something so new for many of us – and join him on his adventures through the neighbouring countries of South East Asia.

We hope to learn from these cultures as we visit them together, which at first may seem far and unknown to us. Either way, we are sure to enjoy sharing this journey through the eyes and the fun of this bonaerense, who long ago became immersed in the alien but foremost captivating culture of Japan.

Andrés Cameruchi moved to Tokyo following one of these unexpected opportunities that life offers, and fearless of a strange language and culture, crossed the vast Pacific Ocean to live in Japan at his then recently celebrated twenties. He went to study with a scholarship and felt trapped by the international character of a global city like Tokyo. So decided to stay.

Seven years later, you can find him working on video and photography projects, also translating from Japanese and taking part on any other project he finds interesting…

And of course, AxA: the outcome of a long-term passion about traveling that begun as a child sitting in front of the TV, watching travel documentaries from all around the world. Then, planning a motorcycle trip through India with his friend and his girlfriend, the idea of fulfilling his childhood dream took shape in this online show, of which we present to you the first chapter today.

Give people the opportunity to travel, meet their people, customs and cultures. Share the ‘fun’ of traveling, to know and discover our planet.

Come on! Let’s start with AxA – sharing the world with you!

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