AxA – Episode 3 – Macao

16/07/2011 - Fun Team

Hey, we’re almost sure you still thinking Las Vegas as the most important Casino-city in the world. Nonetheless, today we introduce you the world’s number 1: Welcome to Macao!

Macau is one of the two special administrative regions of China along with Hong Kong. It’s the most densely populated region of the world and its economy is strongly dependent on gambling and tourism. With more than 2 million gamblers a month, Macao is probably one of the best examples of the thriving economic rise of today’s China.

On the third chapter of AxA, AndrĂ©s, of course, will takes us to one of its numerous Casino’s to try our luck; we’ll walk Indiana Jones style through the tiny squares and alleys heritage from the Portuguese era, and will hold our breath from the top of the tallest bungee jumping tower of the world. But will he jump? Check it out in the latest video of AxA: sharing the world with you!

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