AxA – Episode 02 – Thailand

20/06/2011 - Fun Team

In the second chapter of AxA, Andrés takes a break from the sometimes stressful Tokyo and spends a few days enjoying Thailand. Want to know what he came back with?

In today’s show, we’ll take a ride with the famous tuk-tuk, a cheap and fast way of getting around on the jammed asphalt of Bangkok – but somehow risky too. If you haven’t tried, it’s an experience in itself! From the markets of the megalopolis we’ll sort out Andrés’ stomach for the crunchy insects that the Thais enjoy eating as sweets. We will then visit an elephant rescue center where these huge, formerly exploited pachyderms are now spending their relaxing days bathing with the tourists. And last but not least, we will visit a Buddhist temple with a very intriguing enigma…You want more? Watch the second chapter of AxA, sharing the World with you!


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