About Us

Empowering social innovators through visual storytelling.

Why Fun?

Fun is one of the most crucial elements in maintaining a positive lifestyle.

Smiling and laughing not only improves our feelings and moods, but also reduces stress and strengthens our immune system.

Fun is also a highly contagious social activity, and when experienced with others, it can have direct benefits on those around you and bring you closer together.

That’s why we want to spread the fun!


Funproject promotes a world where people develop an open, optimistic and joyful attitude about life. We call this the ‘fun attitude’!

Through the fun attitude, social ties are strengthened and cultures become more connected, as people are able to remain creative, spontaneous and interactive.


We believe that positive change grows from everyday life.

That’s why we want to share those experiences we encounter that feed and inspire our daily lives.
Come and join the fun!

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