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Demonic cookery: Headbangers Kitchen

24/06/2011 - Fun Team
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Heavy metal food? Demonic cookery? At first, this might sound like a cult show or some kind of dark magic instructions for casting spells. Then they tell you It’s about a heavy metal guy… more info


AxA – Episode 02 – Thailand

20/06/2011 - Fun Team
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In the second chapter of AxA, Andrés takes a break from the sometimes stressful Tokyo and spends a few days enjoying Thailand. Want to know what he came back with? In today’s show, we’ll… more info


<!–:en–>For the Love of Dance<!–:–><!–:es–>Por amor al baile<!–:–><!–:ca–>Passió per ballar<!–:–>

14/06/2011 - Fun Team
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Georgie met Razak when she was out Salsa dancing one night. She says she was feeling a bit awkward because she didn’t know how to dance the Salsa and couldn’t keep up. But then… more info


AxA sharing the world with you – Episode 1

06/06/2011 - Fun Team
AxA Episode 1

Welcome to the adventures of AxA around the world! From today on funproject will be following the adventures of a young Argentinian in Tokyo. We will discover all the treats of the japanese culture… more info