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Hitch hiking, a way of life

31/03/2011 - Fun Team
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(click aquí para ver el vídeo con subtítulos en español) Hitchhiking is not just about getting a free ride and saving money. For Taylor and Dino it is a way of life; a real… more info



17/03/2011 - Fun Team
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Every afternoon the dusty streets of Myanmar become the playground for thousands of men after a hard day’s work. The aim is relax and enjoy playing with friends. There’s no winner or loser and… more info


Music for Climate

13/03/2011 - Fun Team
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Floods are part of the natural cycle of the seasons, however in “El monumento al Albañil”, a town from Veracruz in Mexico, the last floods left them without crops, houses and work and hit… more info