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Moustache Brothers

18/02/2011 - Fun Team
moustache bro's

Lu Maw makes fun of the time his brothers have spent locked up in prison. He says that Par Par Lay – the first comedian – helped him avoid jail three times. Par Par… more info


Doctor Fish

14/02/2011 - Fun Team
fish spa thumbnail

Garra rufa y Cyprinion macrostomus are the names of this thoothless fish. If we’d have to tell from Georgie’s face, they don’t look much kind to her (it’s because they are hungry of her… more info


Iron Man & Iron Woman

06/02/2011 - Fun Team

The Iron Man and Iron Woman series is a showcase of Australia’s fastest and fittest surf life saving athletes as they battle it out in the surf. At Portsea in January 2011, the competitors… more info